Plant Health Care (PHC) Services
There are many benefits from the trees and shrubs that surround our homes. They provide shade from the sun and frame picturesque mountain views; they add to the value of our property and for some represent a substantial investment. The Plant Health Care (PHC) program and Burkum Tree Care has many services specifically designed to sustain and enhance the health and well being of your landscape.
An Integrated Approach to Pest Management:
We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM does not include a single stand alone treatment for a specific pest. IPM is a common sense approach to pest management that involves information gathering and knowledge of pests and plants to develop a management strategy with minimal impacts on the environment and plant health.
The corner stone of our Plant Health Care (PHC) program and integrated approach to pest management is periodic monitoring. We are trained to identify pest and disease problems before they reach damaging levels. By understanding the pest lifecycle and when they will emerge in relation to the growing season we are able to time our monitoring visits to intercept the pest early and reduce potential damage and environmental impacts. We can customize a monitoring regime for your landscape based on the trees and shrubs present and your specific goals.
Tree and Shrub Fertilization:
We demand a lot from the trees and shrubs in our landscape. These trees and shrubs evolved to grow in rich forest soils with a complex web of nutrient recycling. Instead we place them in yards with poor soil and surround them with grass that competes for water and nutrients. Our approach to tree and shrub fertilization is to treat the entire system. Our focus is on conditioning the soil and encouraging root growth and nutrient uptake. By treating the soil the entire tree will be healthier, less susceptible to pest problems, and better able to recover from damage such as that caused by wind or snow.  We use a deep soil injection method to place the material into the root zone where it can be quickly absorbed by the tree. This deep soil injection method also prevents run off and contamination.
Pesticide Applications:
When pest thresholds are reached and the health of your plants are endangered we can help. We have the training and experience to control the pest with minimal impact on the environment. We offer several control products and even have organic options to control many pests.

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Root feeder delivers nutrients to root zone
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